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Why are my coupons being denied?
Why are my coupons being denied?
Updated over a week ago

Submitting valid coupons is vital to running successful launches. Upon submission, our team tests and ensures the validity or your coupons. If you receive a response back from our team, it is likely for one of two reasons - the coupons do not apply to your listing, in which case you will need to ensure that you created them correctly and resubmit, or they were not valid at the time of submission. In most cases, it is the latter of the two.

When you create coupons on Amazon, you should notice that Amazon requires you to schedule the promotion at least 4 hours in the future and not immediately. This means that until the official start, which is at least 4 hours in the future, your coupons are "pending" and are not valid. Please do not submit the coupons until they are completely valid and no longer pending. If you are trying to schedule a launch now for farther in the future, adjust your promotional start date on Amazon accordingly and understand we test the coupons that the time they are submitted.

Please keep in mind that we test the coupons on the evening before the launch is scheduled to run. If they are not active at that time, the launch will be denied.

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