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How is 'total profitability' calculated?
How is 'total profitability' calculated?

Total profit is incorrect. The cost calculator shows negative total profit.

Updated over a week ago

The total profitability figure in the cost calculator can be skewed in certain cases due to the promotional units. The intention is to include the cost of a launch promotion into the calculation of profitability, but this can be inaccurate at sometimes. The best way to clear up this issue is to remove the launch promotion cost manually so you can still get an idea of profitability. 

 To correct this please click the 'edit advanced settings' button at the bottom of the page (see below). 

From there scroll to the bottom of the page and change the number of promotional units to 0 (see below)

Once the promotional units has been changed to 0 scroll up to the top of the page and click the X in the top right hand corner (see below). 

You total profitability should be updated and more accurate at this time! This new figure will take into account all of the fees in the cost calculator except the cost of running a launch promotion. You will need to calculate this cost manually and deduct it from the total if you anticipate running a launch promotion. 

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