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Is there a Viral Launch affiliate program?
Is there a Viral Launch affiliate program?
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Can I sign up to be an affiliate? How can I become an affiliate? Where do I find my affiliate coupon code? How do I get my affiliate payout?

Viral Launch does offer an affiliate program!

Becoming a Viral Launch affiliate is free, easy, and allows for massive earning potential. Sign up for your free account and head over to the 'Affiliates' page in the launchpad.


Use your affiliate code in your videos, emails, or on your website to drive traffic and sales to Viral Launch software and services. When someone makes a purchase through your link or your code, they will get a discount, and you will earn a commission. It’s a win-win!

There is a $200 minimum balance for payout. So let’s say someone has $100 due at payout time. We won’t pay them out that round, but if they make $150 more before the next pay period (so that they’re owed $250 total), we will then pay out because they’ve passed that $200 minimum. So a lower balance will roll over to the next month until that $200 threshold is met.

We will only pay out once per month (at the end of the month) and it will be for the most previous month’s commissions earned. Like how you pay a credit card. So basically, on August 31, we will pay out for commissions that were earned during the month of July (July 1-July 31).

For specific details on commissions amounts and discounts look under the 'Your Affiliate Info' section on the affiliate page. Under no circumstance can you make a commission on a signup to your own account. Any seller found to do so will be banned from the affiliate program. View Full Terms & Conditions here.

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