Keyword Research Attributes
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Relevancy Score:

Relevancy Score is a rating from 0 to 1000 that indicates how relevant each keyword is to your searched term. We run each term through our sophisticated Market Relevancy Calculation to filter out unrelated terms. Then, we rate each keyword based on its importance to your product.

Priority Score:

Priority Score is a rating from 0-1000 that indicates a keyword’s importance based on search volume analysis. This score is based on our proprietary algorithms and is a good indicator for which words are most important to get into your listing. Of course, you want your highly-relevant, high-search-volume words in your listing.

Opportunity Score:

Opportunity Score is a rating from 0 to 1000 that measures a keyword’s potential to rank based on a market analysis of each keyword’s top selling products. A low score means most competitors are using the term in their listing or there is very low volume, and thus low opportunity. But a high opportunity score means there is a lot of search volume relative to the number of listings indexing for the term. So adding high-opportunity keywords to your listing is a quick and easy way to pick up some easy rankings with solid volume.

Trend Graphs:

Volume over time. The history will increase over time. It is limited right now since we just started collecting data.

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