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Can I search with a keyword or ASIN?
Can I search with a keyword or ASIN?
Updated over a week ago

Where can I type in a keyword? I don't see where to search by product name?

Product Discovery is designed to generate product ideas that fit your search criteria. There is no input for a keyword or ASIN because Product Discovery is designed to provide you with a keyword or ASIN based on the market variables that you are inputting.

If you already have a product idea in mind that you would like to validate, you can use Market Intelligence to do your research. With Market Intelligence, you can enter the primary keyword or ASIN for a product and get information about sales patterns, review counts, and prices.

Keyword Research allows you to see the other most relevant keywords, accurate search volume data, and historical search volume trends by inputting a keyword. You can also access an Opportunity Score and Suggest CPC bid to identify keywords with high relevance and low competition.

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