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Can I search with a keyword or ASIN?
Can I search with a keyword or ASIN?

Where can I type in a keyword? I don't see where to search by product name?

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Product discovery is designed to generate product ideas that fit your search criteria. The intention of this tool is for users to apply filters that align with their goals in order to view a list of products that fit within those filters. Including narrow filters such as ASINs and keywords can limit the number of results from the tool. 

You can use the ASIN filter in the product search type to filter your results to a particular ASIN. Alternatively, you can use the keyword filter in the keyword search type so that the tool will display results that match a specific keyword. Please note that the keyword filter is set on an exact match basis. Only products that have the exact keyword phrase entered in this filter will be displayed. 

If you already have a product idea in mind that you would like to validate, you can use Market intelligence to do your research. With Market Intelligence, you can enter the primary keyword or ASIN for a product and get information about sales patterns, review counts, and prices. 

Check out some of our video tutorials on these two tools for more information!

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