How to use Product Discovery
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Product Discovery offers multiple search methods. Across the top of the Product Discovery search page, you’ll see Product, Keyword, Brand, and Category search. Each of these will be different avenues you can use to help find your next great product. Whether you want to find products that fit your exact criteria, niches that offer lots of potential, successful brands that you want to emulate, or subcategories full of up & coming products … we’ve got you covered.

For each of these search methods, you are able to input your parameters. You can define what categories you want to dig into, as well as your sales goals and review limits, and set your own price range. We have plenty of basic and advanced filters for you so you are able to control the scope of your searches and get as in-depth as you'd like.

Looking for individual products to source? The Product tab will show you a list of specific products that fit your criteria. We’ll show you lots of information about each product, like the estimated monthly sales, BSR, price, profit, and reviews. You can pin the product to save and revisit later, you can open up the product in Amazon, and you can further research the product’s market with the seamless Market Intelligence integration.

Looking for potential keywords and good product markets to enter? In the Keyword tab, you will see a list of personalized keywords based upon the search parameters you've set. In the search results, you will see a bunch of helpful information about this search term and its top products. We’ll show you the product idea score on a 1-5 star scale (powered by market intelligence). Sorting by idea score is a fast way to see the most promising markets first, and it is definitely a benefit to subscribing annually as opposed to monthly. You will also see price, sales, review information, and more. You can easily save the keyword to your pinned ideas and view the search results on Amazon. And once you find niches you may be interested in entering, you can validate, or invalidate, those ideas by easily accessing your Market Intelligence subscription directly from the search result.

Looking for brands experiencing recent success? Results in the Brand tab will show brands on Amazon that fit within your specifications. We’ll initially show you some high-level information about the brand, such as the main category, how many products they sell, how much they’re making each month, review and price information, and a success and growth rating. The success rating indicates how the brand compares to others in its category, and the growth rating illustrates the brand’s growth over the past 6 months. You can pin this brand, view it on Amazon, and view detailed brand information within Product Discovery. By clicking on "View Full Analysis, you'll be taken to a Brand Scan page, where we’ll really dig into the brand’s performance metrics. This page allows you to get a better understanding of the brand, its success, its history, and its trajectory.

Looking for subcategories or niches with lots of potential? The Category tab will give you a custom list of subcategories that match your exact inputs. You will see important information about each subcategory, including its root category, how many brands make up that subcategory, the monthly sales across all of those brands, and an opportunity and maturity score. The opportunity score is an indicator of the number of good product opportunities in the subcategory, and the maturity score illustrates the market’s maturity and relative ease of entry. Again, you can save the subcategory by pinning it, you can view the subcategory on Amazon, or you can really dig into the data. In the detailed category information, we’ll break down all sorts of information for you, from the market share percentage to the sales distribution to the top products in the subcategory.

We know that when you’re using a product suggestion tool, you don’t want to be shown the same exact ideas as everyone else using the tool to end up sourcing a saturated product. That’s why on some searches, you’ll notice a Popular Result badge. This warning will indicate that this idea has seen a lot of interest from other Product Discovery users in the recent past.

Upon finding ideas that you like, you can save those to your Pinned Ideas tab to monitor and revisit them later. There, you’ll see helpful information, such as sales trends, for each of your saved results. And, with our seamless Market Intelligence integration, you can further your product research to validate, or invalidate, your product ideas and source only products that will make you money!

Get started with Product Discovery and find your next great product! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team by shooting us an email at [email protected]. Happy sourcing!

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