How to use Keyword Research

How does Keyword Research work? Where can I find search volume? What does Opportunity score, Relevancy score, Priority score mean?

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Keyword Research is the galaxy's most powerful and accurate Amazon Keyword tool!

First, after logging into your Launchpad and selecting Keyword Research on the left-hand side, you'll enter your product's main keyword, or a keyword you are interested in, and click on the Search button. The tool will then populate a list of the most relevant keywords for your searched term along with helpful data, scores, and information.

At the top of the page, you'll see the total results for your search, total unique words, and combined exact search volume. You can "pin" your initial search term so that you can easily reference it later by clicking on the pushpin icon located directly below it. Learn more about accessing pinned searches and search history here!

You can also add filters to see results that are pertinent to your needs before other results. You can filter by specific parameters.

You are also able to order the results by the various metric columns listed.

Relevancy Score is a scale between 0-1000 that rates how relevant each keyword is to your seed keyword. To determine relevancy, Keyword Research runs a massive Reverse Market Lookup. This is similar to a Reverse ASIN Lookup, but bigger and better.

 Priority Score is a scale between 0-1000 that rates a keyword’s importance based on relevancy and search volume. To arrive at this score, we look at the term’s Relevancy Score and factor in the search volume. A highly relevant, highly searched term will have a high Priority Score. But a less relevant, less searched term will have a low Priority Score. The higher the Priority Score, the more important the keyword, when it comes to optimizing a listing.

Opportunity Score ranks Amazon keywords on a scale of 0-1000 to show you terms with low competition and high opportunity to rank. A high Opportunity Score means the term has not been integrated into the front end of the top performing listings that are ranking for that keyword. A low Opportunity Score means the term has been integrated into many of the top ranking listings

Search results will automatically be sorted by Relevancy Score. Find out more about each of the Keyword Research search result attributes here!

Underneath each search result, there are three icons: a magnifying glass, a Market Intelligence icon, and a square with an arrow. By clicking on the magnifying glass, you can search that specific result in a new Keyword Research tab. The Market Intelligence icon will open a new tab showing a market analysis via Market intelligence, and the square with an arrow icon will open a tab that searches the keyword on Amazon.

Click here for our full video tutorial on using Keyword Research!

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