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What is the Viral Launch Analysis in Market Intelligence?
What is the Viral Launch Analysis in Market Intelligence?
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The Viral Launch Analysis tab shows a breakdown of our star rating for the product.


First, we’ll give a qualitative measure of the market based on our analysis, which is the Product Idea Score.


Then, possible monthly sales shows the estimated sales for the current top products. This takes the average of the estimated monthly sales from the span of the past 30 days. If you’re liking this sales range, alongside everything else, this may be a good sourcing option for you. If the sales seem too small, you may consider looking around a bit more at other options.


The “reviews needed to sell well” is showing you the range of reviews that you’ll need to gather in order to be competitive with page one sellers. Reviews are really important for social proof on Amazon, so you’ll want to determine if this range seems within reach for you.


This Sales Pattern Analysis metric assesses the market. You may see up & coming, declining, seasonal, or otherwise typical. This will be a good indicator of which life-stage the product market is in.


Next, you’ll find the Tips, Warnings, and Alerts section. Tips are simply suggestions to consider when looking at sourcing this product. One example would be that many of the products have a high review rating, so you’ll want to be sure to source a high quality product.


Warnings are cautions to definitely take into consideration. An example of a warning you may see is that the sales tend to be erratic.


And finally, alerts are very important factors to look at when determining if you want to source this product. An example of an alert is Amazon being an active seller for that product market.

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